Liquid Gold Truffles 4-Pack (100mg THC – 4 flavors)


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These delicious cannabis infused chocolate truffle delights have won multiple High Times Cannabis Cups. Hand crafted by our professional team of chocolatiers, the G FarmaLabs Team produces an amazing line of cannabis edible products. The combination of the chocolate world and G FarmaLabs in the world of cannabis, does not disappoint. When both these worlds collided, the finest line of chocolate truffles took center stage in the cannabis marketplace.

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Liquid Gold


4 Pack

THC Level

100mg (25mg each)


  1. These taste so yummy. Its a perfect amount, because I have a high tolerance. I eat the whole thing. I love how much variety budman hb has on their website. I’ve been able to try a bunch of new things with thc i wouldn’t find at a normal dispensary. Its such an great and easy delivery service!

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