PureGold Squeeze Tube – Tetra Labs (500mg – 2 types)


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PureGold, the core active ingredient in all TetraLabs products, offers rapid relief. It is the strongest, highest purity cannabis concentrate available anywhere. PureGold is not an extract or hash oil. Rather, it consists of the pure cannabinoids that are refined from hash oil.

Smokable PureGold contains 93% pure natural cannabinoids, comprised of approximately 75% Δ9 and other THC isomers, 2% CBG, 3% CBN, 1% CBD, along with 2% other terpenes. Smokable PureGold also includes 5% d-limonene, a naturally occurring terpene found in orange oil and other plants, including cannabis. Testers report that limonene improves smoke-ability and improves the affect. Limonene also is an anti-oxidant and has the pleasant fragrance of oranges. PureGold contains no polyethylene/propylene glycol.

You’ll notice the effects of PureGold in less than one minute. Importantly, PureGold leaves patients clear-headed without the fuzzy, dopey character of some cannabis. PureGold is generally heated and inhaled in pure form. One drop can last a long time if properly heated. Because PureGold is packaged in a squeeze tube, it is ideal for squeezing out single drops for vaporizers and dabbers.

PureGold Classic is a crystal-clear, pale yellow liquid that is viscous and sticky. We occasionally produce variations, such as PureGold Plus, which contains more flavonoids than PureGold Classic. Flavonoids are anti-oxidants and also pigments, which gives PureGold Plus its deep amber color. Other than the addition of flavonoids, PureGold Plus is identical to PureGold Classic. Both have identical effects although tasters report that Plus is slightly more flavorful.

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