About Us

Bud Man HB delivers only the finest premium quality medical marijuana products to our patients throughout lovely Huntington Beach, California. Our patients receive only the highest quality cannabis medicines along with elite customer service.

We regularly offer special deals as well as a welcome gift for first-time patients. We do not sell cheap, low-quality, or ineffective cannabis products. Our goal is to provide patients with nothing but superior quality THC and CBD medicines. If you want the best, then Bud Man and his 420 delivery team delivers to any address in Huntington Beach.

Our medical marijuana dispensary delivery menu includes a wide range of organic, vegan, and other healthy cannabis solutions designed to facilitate a healthy and productive lifestyle. The Bud Man HB team is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist patients choose from the wide variety of options – which includes medicinal cannabis (medical marijuana), THC and CBD edibles, pre-rolled joints and blunts, concentrates, vaporizer pens, herb grinders, convenient pipes, and additional accessories.

To sample Bud Man’s premium medical marijuana products, peruse our menu today, or call 714-243-5112 to speak with our ganja delivery service team. You’ll be registered within minutes, and delivery will be on the way to you right away. You can register and join the collective our handy website as well as place orders from the full marijuana menu.

And… we sell our 1/8th in 4 gram packages because we think 3.5 grams just isn’t enough.

We hope you enjoy our top-shelf weed products and your experience with the Bud Man team.

Bud Man