Marijuana Goes Mainstream

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Marijuana is big business. And now that it’s legal in many states nationwide, it’s gone mainstream. From fast food fixes, to designer strains, to entertainment-inspired  — cannabis is touching multiple chains of business making it easier to smoke and more socially acceptable than ever. As any cannabis user knows, pot …

“Marijuana Moms” are Growing in Popularity

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Now more than ever, moms across the country are incorporating marijuana usage to their everyday lives. Being a parent is a 24/7, 365 day job without pay, benefits, or day offs. So it’s understandable that “mommy time” can include (nay, DEMAND) the occasional glass of wine or joint. And with …

Where to Buy Legal Weed in California

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Proposition 64–the legalization of recreational use of weed in California–goes into effect starting January 1, 2018. This means anyone over the age of 21 can legally buy recreational weed in California. But here’s the catch, only shops with both local permits and state licenses are allowed to open their doors …

Bud Buyers Beware – Marijuana Laws to Consider

Bud Buyers Beware: Factors to Consider as Legalization Nears

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January 2018 is upon us and while we’re all anxiously awaiting legal recreational marijuana purchase, many of us are still unclear as to what to expect exactly. When will stores be open? Where will dispensaries be located? What types of cannabis products will be offered? While there is much planning …

Cannabis-infused Holiday Drinks

Top 5 Cannabis-Infused Drinks for the Holidays

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From mug-warming drinks to artisan creations, the holidays call for liquids to warm the body and spirit, or to keep a cool party going strong. Drinks are an inviting way to welcome guests to your home, a great way comfort those in need of a little TLC, and a warming …

The Booming Business of Beauty and the Bud

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As marijuana grows in popularity, you can expect to see cannabis-infused products spread its reach across all industries. From clothing, to dinner parties, to beauty items — marijuana is a far-reaching consumer product that’s bound to make its way into your home. One of the quicker growing bud-inspired businesses is …

What exactly is legal marijuana in California? What does that even mean?

What Exactly Does Legalized Weed Mean?

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Now that recreational weed is completely legalized in California, what does that mean exactly? Are you wondering where you can smoke? Where to buy? And how much you can have on your body? Below, we answer these and other pressing questions to help you navigate this newly legalized life. It …

Does Legalizing Weed Increase Teenage Usage?

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If you’ve been following the process of recreational legalization, you’ve probably heard arguments from the opposition such as adult legalization will increase usage amongst teenagers. But contrary to this popular belief, studies have shown that the opposite effect to be true. Fears of increased pot use by minors in legalized …

Culinary Cannabis Creations With The Herbal Chef


Attention Los Angelenos, do you already know about Chris Sayegh? If you don’t, now you do. He’s a young chef using cannabis as a main ingredient in his gourmet cooking. Better known as The Herbal Chef, this LA-based food artist is bridging the gap between fine dining and cannabis, taking …

Smoke More Pot - It May Be Good For You

New Year’s Resolution: Smoke More Pot

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This year, smoke more pot as your New Year’s resolution. There are many little known health benefits to smoking pot that extend way beyond the “fun” factor. Cannabis users have been shown to be slimmer, particularly in the midsection, than non-users. This is in large part thanks to cannabis’s ability …

Cannabis for a Better Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and we’re already getting our stretchy pants ready! This is the day where calories don’t count, naps rule the living room, and turkey is the star. But in addition to the well-known positive points of Thanksgiving, there’s also specific holiday hurdles to overcome …

The ABCs of CBD

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CBD is short for cannabidiol, an active compound found in marijuana that’s quickly giving THC a run for its money. Like THC, it’s found in cannabis. Unlike THC, it is a non-psychoactive meaning it doesn’t produce the typical “high” feeling after consumption.  While the high effect is missing from CBD, …