Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold is a product line from the famous GFarmaLabs, the Leaders of the American Cannabis Revolution.

Liquid Gold is known for their very popular premium Chocolate edibles. They are packaged aesthetically, come in all strains, and have the highest THC content in a cannabis chocolate bar. We also carry their famous Truffles and Vape Oil Tanks.

Bud Man is a proud distributer of Liquid Gold.n

Liquid Gold Products at Bud Man Huntington Beach

  • Raw Honey – Liquid Gold (200mg THC – 3 flavors)

    $25.00 Select options
  • Quigley’s Multi-Dose Cannabis Shot – GFarmaLabs (20mg THC – 3 flavors)

    $8.00 Select options
  • Liquid Gold Bar (210mg THC – 11 flavors)

    $25.00 Select options
  • G Brand Cannabis Infused Lemonades – GFarmaLabs (210mg THC – 3 types)

    $35.00 Select options