Bloom Farms Highlighter Vape Pen with 500mg Cartridge (3 types)


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Simple, discrete and stylish, Highlighter is a portable, smokeless cannabis oil vapor pen.  Extracted with clean CO2 in the same way as essential oils, our pure, all-natural cannabis oil contains consistent 45-50% THC content. The battery powered heating element warms the oil, delivering potent and consistent vapor unparalleled by any other brand.  This surprisingly easy-to-use, health-conscious alternative to smoking in will delight you with artful sophistication and leave no lingering scent.  We use only 100% recyclable packaging.

Includes a battery, 500mg cartridge and USB charger.  Everything you need to get started with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

  • SATIVA – Complete Set – DAYTIME • 500MG

An uplifting and stimulating Sativa dominant blend. Perfect for daytime, Sativa provides an energetic and enhanced state of happiness and well-being.

  • INDICA – Complete Set – NIGHTTIME • 500MG

A calm and relaxing Indica dominant blend.  Perfect for relaxation, stress relief, and inducing deep sleep.

  • Hybrid – Complete Set – Anytime • 500MG

A mix – the best of the best for anytime.

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  1. I really like this pen. The bottom part is very stylish, I get compliments all the time. It also fits all the other refill cartridges.

  2. These pens are awesome! They’re discrete and convenient. They can also fit with other cartridges that I’ve bought on the Bud Man site.

  3. This medical marijuana dispensary got most of all the different brand of cartridge that I tried and it fits perfectly with these battery. The service is really good at recommendin if you are having a hard time.

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