Brass Knuckles Clear High THC Vape Cartridges (1 gram – 21 strains)


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Brass Knuckles is the industry leader in Super Premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil products.

All products are lab tested ensuring that we deliver the Highest Quality Standards to our Patients. Verify for Yourself!

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Brass Knuckles


1 gram


  1. First time buyer of Brass Knuckles through Bud Man Huntington Beach…. And damn! I’m impressed!! What a great high, no wonder people speak so highly of this brand! Delivery service within an hour in the OC area… It’s a win/win!

  2. Huntington Beach Bud Man Medical Delivery Dispensary is The Best!
    I was so stoked when I found out that Bud Man carries this brand! It’s guaranteed 80%-85% THC by Xzibit (the creator) & man…its given me the best high & trust me, I’ve tried TONS of vape brands! Yey!

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