Jetty Gold Extra Strength Dablicator CO2 Wax and Dispensar (1 gram – 3 strains)


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Toss out those messy syringes! The patent pending Jetty Dablicator is a direct dabbing apparatus, filled with Jetty Extracts high quality Co2 Wax (Approx. 70-80% active cannabinoids). Perfect for on-the-go use! Simply twist and apply the desired amount of medicine directly from the metal onto your favorite glass piece or vapor pen. Filled with strain type specific CO2 oil, the Jetty Dablicator is the cleanest, most efficient method of its kind.

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  1. I love medicating via dabbing and the dablicator makes it so easy. I have been very impressed at how simple it is especially when I am on the go.

  2. Fantastic concept. Raise your hand if you hate wasting your medication because it’s all over your fingers and EVERYWHERE. /raises hand
    The only issue I have found is the “Chapstick spinner part” that raises the medication needs to be beefed up substantially. My first use it broke. I was overturning it too, but still it broke very easily. It was replaced no problem by these guys so no worries. Just posted to let them know about the product and you guys know not to overturn.

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